U.S.S. LST-847 - Crew Photos

(Photo courtesy of Joe Grassoni)
Officers and crew, 14 Dec 1944 launch ceremony

(Photo courtesy of Joe Grassoni)
An officer and some of the crew (undated).

Robert (Bob) Grobbel is shown in this undated photo.
He is wearing the Amphibious Forces shoulder insignia on his left sleeve,
indicating it was likely taken sometime before he was transferred from the
USS LST-847 to the USS Cleburne (APA-73) on 11 April 1946.

(Photo courtesy of Joe Grassoni)
Four sailors in front of the US Naval Operating Base in Shanghai, China.
Joe Grassoni is the third one from the left in this photo that was
taken sometime between 20 Sept 1945 and 10 Oct 1945.

(Photo courtesy of Joe Grassoni)
Walter Kolak, MoMM1c, is shown switching over the electric generators in the auxillary engine room.

(Photo courtesy of Joe Grassoni; names from the album of Robert Greenwood)
Byron C. Benton, PhM2c (left) and Percy J. Spellings, PhM3c at their work station in the pharmacy.

(Photo courtesy of Joe Grassoni; names from the album of Robert Greenwood)
Crewmembers take a break (left to right):
Walter Kolak, Thomas E. Brown, Jr., Henry W. Brown, Nicholas Stanovich, Charles H. Mobley, Robert E. Greenwood.

(Photo courtesy of Joe Grassoni)
Diving and swimming off of the ramp.

(Photo courtesy of the LST Home Port web site)
Unidentified LST-847 crewmembers and location.

(Photo courtesy of Joe Grassoni; name from the album of Robert Greenwood)
Lawrence J. Hoffman, F2c mugs for the camera.

(Photo courtesy of Joe Grassoni)
R & R in Honolulu, Hawaii, Diamond Head in the background.

(Photo courtesy of Joe Grassoni)
James Arentz, BM2c

(Photo courtesy of Joe Grassoni)
Unidentified crewmember dressed as Santa Claus, taken on 25 Dec 1945, off the coast of China

(Photo courtesy of Joe Grassoni)
Unidentified crewmembers delivering a tonsorial message: "V-I-C-T-O-R-Y"

(Photo courtesy of Joe Huser; caption information courtesy of Clem Klimek)
Clem Klimek, S2c, on board the LST-847 while it was in Panama on their way to the Pacific.
Clem explains that the crew was told to cut their hair short for hygiene purposes while they were in the tropics, so he decided to have his head shaved bald. With his new "haircut" and his wire-rimmed glasses, everyone was kidding him that he looked like Mahatma Gandhi, so that is why he "dressed" and posed like this for the photo.

Engineers ("Black Gang") of the LST-847 after the Captain's Inspection, 28 April 1945, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
(Photo and identifications courtesy of Joe Huser)
Engineers ("Black Gang") of the LST-847 after the Captain's Inspection, 28 April 1945, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

1 Ray Louis Pape, __; 2 George R. Conger, Jr., MoM3/c; 3 Edwin B. Kleinhenz, F2c; 4 Chester Maxim, MoM3c ; 5 Henry W. Brown, CMoM; 6 Clifford King, F2c; 7 Robert F. Williams, MoM2c; 8 Clyde A. Aspleaf, F1c; 9 James F. Hewson, F1c MoM; 10 Clement G. Klimek, S2c; 11 Donald M. Glime, F1c WT; 12 John LeCouras, __: 13 Frederick W. Kendall, MoMM2c; 14 Lawrence J. Hoffman, F2c; 15 Fred Tenny, Jr., F1c; 16 Austin F. Kirchoff, F1c MoM; 17 Cecil C. Callahan, F1c MoM; 18 Nicholas Stanovich, MoMM1c; 19 Thomas O. Cole, F1c MoM; 20 __ Knobe, __; 21 Francis A. "Frenchy" La Plante, F1c; 22 Kenneth R. Miller, F2c; 23 Lt. Harold F. Spilner, Engineering Officer; 24 Richard T. Courtney, F1c EM; 25 Albert D. Headley, F1c; 26 Joseph Huser, __; 27 Robert L. Levis, WT2c; 28 Walter Kolak, MoMM1c.


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